What is ExSTARS?

ExSTARS stands for - Excise Summary Terminal Activity Reporting System.

ExSTARS is a fuel reporting system developed with the cooperation of the IRS, Department of Transportation, States, and Motor Fuel Industry, which details the movement of any liquid product into or out of an IRS approved terminal.

Who is Required to Use ExSTARS?

Terminal Operators and Bulk Fuel Carriers (pipeline, vessel, and barge operators) are required to file monthly information returns-Fuel Transaction Reports.

When to File

Not later than the end of the month following transaction(s).

How to File

1) Apply to participate in electronic filing using letter(s) of application. Fill-in-letters of application are available for Terminal Operator/Carriers and Transmitters.

2) Electronic filing (Electronic Data Interchange) over the internet

3) A test cycle will be used to test the exchange of files between the electronic filter and the IRS prior to submitting production files.

These tests will ensure the successful submission of qualifying electronic Form 720-CS information returns

4) Paper submission of Form 720-TS and /or 720-CS.

Why Filing is Required

  • Implementation of IRS Regulation 48.4101-2 requiring taxable fuel registrants" to provide information reports. First step toward singe-point filing of Federal and state information.
  • Match information Returns against Excise Tax Returns.

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