List of Credits Included in the General Business Credit

  • Form 3468: Investment credit
  • Form 5884: Work opportunity credit
  • Form 6478: The alcohol fuels credit
  • Form 6765: Research credit
  • Form 8586: Low-income housing credit
  • Form 8820: Orphan drug credit
  • Form 8826: Disabled access credit
  • Form 8835: Renewable electricity production credit
  • Form 8845: Indian employment credit
  • Form 8846: Credit for employer social security and Medicare taxes paid on certain tips
  • Form 8847: Credit for contributions to selected community development corporations
  • Form 8864: Biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels credit
  • Form 8874: New markets credit
  • Form 8881: Credit for small employer pension plan start-up costs
  • Form 8882: Credit for employer-provided child-care facilities and services
  • Form 8896: Low sulfur diesel fuel production credit
  • Form 8900: Qualified railroad track maintenance credit
  • Form 8907: Nonconventional source fuel credit
  • Form 8908: Energy efficient home credit
  • Form 8910: Alternative motor vehicle credit
  • Form 8911: Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit

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